This is Creaza


What is Creaza?

Creaza is a digital learning tool that enables students to work with different subjects and topics by creating mind maps, presentations, comic strips, movies, and audio productions.

Creaza consists of four unique tools, which you can read more about by clicking on the links to the left. Creaza also contains hundreds of ready-made exercises related to different subjects, topics, and curricula. Teachers can easily assign these exercises to their students by clicking the "Assign" button. They can edit and adjust the exercise's title and description, set a due date, and add media files that the students can use.

If you wish to start working on an exercise that has not been assigned to you, simply click the "Create" button, and the corresponding tool will open be opened automatically.

The tools are integrated with each other, and come with a wide variety of built-in content ready for use. You will find backgrounds, characters, props, effects, graphic elements, video clips, and audio clips. Users can also upload their own images, audio clips, and video clips, which can then be used separately or in combination with Creaza's built-in content.

Since Creaza is completely web based, no installation or downloading is required, and users can work on their products wherever they have a computer with an internet access.

Who can use Creaza?
Creaza is used every day by thousands of students and teachers from all across the world. It is used all the way from kindergarten to higher education.

Which subjects is Creaza suited for?
Creaza can be used in every subject and for any topic. There are, however, several subjects for which Creaza is especially well-equipped. Several of the themes are also tailor-made for certain for certain topics.

Creaza enables students to work on multimodal texts that combine audio, images, and text. The tools allows the students to work both orally and in writing simultaneously. All the tools lets users record and use their own audio. This can either be done directly in the tools, or one can upload audio that has already been recorded elsewhere.

The MovieEditor theme "Geographical Places" is a good example of a theme that is especially suited when working with foreign languages. Here one can use the built-in video clips from cities such as Berlin, Barcelona and Paris, and create a travel diary or presentation of the city, containing voice-over and text in the corresponding language. This is an excellent way of working on pronounciation, intonation, and writing all at once.

In addition, Creaza is available in nine different languages, and one can easily change the language of the entire website by changing country under My account. Or one can just change the language of the exercises, by clicking Discover exercises and then switching the curriculum.

Science and Social Science
In MovieEditor you will find the theme "Global village", which lets students work with different questions related to energy, environment, climate, and the interplay between human beings, nature and society.

With the Cartoonist theme "Future Globe" one can work with questions concerning how the Earth will look in the future. Which kinds of energy sources we will be using, what sort of consequences climate change will have caused, and which types of technology we will be using, are all good examples of topics that can be explored and presented using this theme.

The MovieEditor theme "Exotic Animals" contains more than a hundred built-in video clips of different animals in various settings. This theme provides numerous possibilities of creating movies about animals and nature. Topics such as predators, preys, food chains, and extinctions are but a few examples of issues that can be explored with this theme.   

"Space" contains contains elements such as planets, constellations, astronauts, galaxies, asteroids, space crafts and telescopes. It is also possible to illustrate different phenomena, such as moon phases, Earth’s seasons, solar eclipses, and the life cycle of stars. Perhaps one wishes to show how our solar system looks, how a star develops, or maybe how the spacecraft Curiosity completed their successful trip to Mars?

There is range of Cartoonist themes that deal with different historical events and eras. Themes such as "Egypt", "The Roman Epire", "The Viking Age", "Ancient Greece", "World War 2", and "The Post War Period" all designed specifically to enable students to work with questions related to these important historical topics.

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